Metalock Brasil performs cold repair

Metalock Brasil performed the cold repair on a Base 10000 that presented several faults, on behalf of a company of German origin, located in the interior of São Paulo State.

Among the diagnosed faults were various castings in the lower part, faults in the oil tunnel and two ribs on the right side of the Base.

All casting faults were repaired through our Metalock® cold stitching process, using GG50 cast iron to fabricate the insert graft and Metalock® ¼ keys and ¼, 5 mm, 5/16 Metalace® studs to fix the grafted insert. The service was carried out in just seven business days, with very satisfactory results.

For over ten years Metalock Brasil has attended this company to analyze a Base that had several cracks. After satisfactory completion of this service, Metalock Brasil became the only accredited supplier to rework all the Bases of machines that presented faults in the manufacturing process. In March alone, three Bases were reworked, all proving to be very challenging for us to repair satisfactorily.