Metalock Brasil performs sealing of leak without operational stoppages in affected pipe-work

An industrial unit in Minas Gerais experienced a problem in their piping and called in Metalock Brasil to perform emergency repair services, as any further aggravation of the problem would have resulted in total shut-down of the plant.

Two specialized and properly equipped Metalock technicians performed the sealing repair that had occurred in a boiler feed pipe, which leaked from the weld region of a flange joint.

The leakage was from superheated water, at a pressure of 60 kg/cm² and at a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius.

For the execution of the repair, it was necessary to make and install a device for complete enclosure and isolation of the leakage region and then to inject it with a sealant product in order to seal off the leak.

The repair took three days and provided total customer satisfaction.