Metalock Brasil Uniforms are Discarded in a Responsible and Sustainable manner

With international recognition and concern for the environmental and social issues, we at Metalock Brasil correctly disposed of 201 kg of disused uniforms. This action saved 1.73 m³ in landfill volume, and 3.40 tons of carbon equivalent emissions (tCO2e) were avoided. The initiative goes further, by consciously disposing of the old uniforms of our employees, we assume our responsibility to the planet and to those around us, as this material will serve as raw material in making blankets for needy people.

Incorrect disposal of uniforms and clothing is generally an activity that contributes significantly to increased pollution, generating negative and permanent impacts on the environment and society. According to SEBRAE (Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service), it is estimated that Brazil produces 170,000 tons of textile waste per year, with São Paulo being the largest producer of discarded rags. Unfortunately, 80% of this material still has refuge deposits and tips as its destination. Tissue decomposition is a process that can take up to hundreds of years to happen.

Properly disposing of this type of waste means saving the environment and not polluting the city. And besides that, maybe we can generate social initiatives and income for workers organized into cooperatives? That’s why we at Metalock Brasil choose to discard our uniforms by hiring the services of Retalhar. The company, which works with environmental solutions, has included our material in a waste bank that will in future be the raw material for the manufacture of new products, such as blankets for homeless people or uniforms for recyclers.

We consciously respect reverse logistics, a principle established by the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS),Law No. 12,305/10, defined as, “an instrument of economic and social development characterized by a set of actions, procedures and means designed to enable the collection and return of solid waste to the business sector, for reuse, in its cycle or other production cycles, or other final destination, environmentally suitable”. Social and environmental responsibilities are and will always be part of Metalock Brasil’s values. Looking after the world is taking care of yourself and your neighbour.