Code of Ethics

Metalock Brasil believes in an ethical and transparent society. Therefore, it requires all employees and third parties to comply with its code of ethical conduct.
This code presents the general guidelines for most of the areas regarding Metalock Brasil’s operations, serving as a basis for all the Company’s policies. The Code of Ethics must be followed by all employees, third parties and any others who act on behalf or in the interests of Metalock Brasil.

All reports are reviewed under the most rigorous confidentiality and independence, ensuring the anonymity of the rapporteurs and security during verification procedures.
* If you want to identify yourself, simply enter your contact data in the message.

How to report?
For an adequate verification of the Code of Ethics breach, the more details provided will simplify the procedure.
Whenever possible, please include in your report:

What is the non-compliance situation?
What is the non-compliance situation?
What is the cause, reason or incentive for this non-compliance situation?
How did the ethical deviation happen, or is happening or will happen?
Who are the people and / or companies involved or witnesses?
When did the code of ethics deviation happen?
Where did the code of ethics deviation happen, is happening or will happen?
What are the amounts involved in the deviation and how often did it occur?
Is there any evidence? If so, where could we find it?


    You can attach files to this report, such as photos, recordings, videos or any other document, attaching them here.