Metalock Brasil Compliance Program

Metalock Brasil bases its strategic and commercial decisions on a high level of commitment to ethical, transparent, legal and responsible conduct. Its business performance is guided by rectitude, also aiming to reinforce business sustainability.

Through Compliance, Metalock Brasil has established a programme to ensure that everyone works with the most efficient internal controls, supported by guidelines appropriate to their business, and that all its employees are made aware of the applicable laws and standards, and to act in full compliance and respect for the current legislation, in addition to the provisions contained in the Code of Ethics.

In general, the area of Compliance is also responsible for ensuring the promotion of actions that mitigate any risks of occurrence of practices that may compromise the Metalock Brasil Compliance Program. Thus, the company seeks to strengthen their preventive aspects of management, throughout their day-to-day administrative routines, promoting compliance and practicing risk management on a continuous basis.