Metalock Brasil Compliance Program

Metalock Brasil bases its strategic and commercial decisions on a high level of commitment to ethical, transparent, legal and responsible conduct. Its business performance is guided by rectitude, also aiming to reinforce business sustainability.

Through Compliance, Metalock Brasil has established a programme to ensure that everyone works with the most efficient internal controls, supported by guidelines appropriate to their business, and that all its employees are made aware of the applicable laws and standards, and to act in full compliance and respect for the current legislation, in addition to the provisions contained in the Code of Ethics.

In general, the area of Compliance is also responsible for ensuring the promotion of actions that mitigate any risks of occurrence of practices that may compromise the Metalock Brasil Compliance Program. Thus, the company seeks to strengthen their preventive aspects of management, throughout their day-to-day administrative routines, promoting compliance and practicing risk management on a continuous basis.

Anti-Corruption Policy
Metalock Brasil’s Anti-Corruption Policy establishes guidelines to be followed by all employees and third parties, to ensure their corporate commitment to fighting corruption, acting in accordance with Law 12.846/13 (Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law) and international laws.

Code of Ethics
Metalock Brasil believes in an ethical and transparent society. Therefore, it requires all employees and third parties to comply with its code of ethical conduct.
This code presents the general guidelines for most of the areas regarding Metalock Brasil’s operations, serving as a basis for all the Company’s policies. The Code of Ethics must be followed by all employees, third parties and any others who act on behalf or in the interests of Metalock Brasil.

Integrated Management System (IMS)
Through offering services of a high standard of engineering, Metalock Brasil offers quality. Since 2000, Metalock Brasil has invested in ISO 9001 certification of its Quality Management System.
Metalock Brasil dedicates itself to the safety, health and well-being of all its employees, as well as in preserving the environment. That is why Metalock Brasil has an integrated management policy and uses good working practices to ensure that its operation is both efficient and sustainable.

Metalock Brasil’s policy in relation to Health, Safety and the Environment aims to seek the satisfaction of its customers, working efficiently, protecting the environment and acting in a way so as to avoid accidents and occupational diseases, with the objective of achieving continuous improvement of its Integrated Management System. Always with commitment from its employees and higher management.

LGDP – General Law Regarding Data Protection
The LGDP, equivalent to Europe’s GDPR, regulates the use of personal data for both individuals and legal entities. In addition to aiming to protect data so that it is used correctly, it is based on the protection of fundamental human rights, such as privacy, intimacy, honour and image rights, among others.

To respect and protect the privacy of everyone who entrusts others with their personal information, be it a client, partner, supplier, service provider or employee, is a fundamental concern of Metalock Brasil. Protecting this data is more than a legal obligation, it is a matter of trust, the basis of every relationship.
Metalock Brasil is committed to protecting the personal data entrusted to it and processing it within the applicable law.

With respect to individual privacy and meeting the requirements of the new law, which will come into force in August 2020, Metalock Brasil maintains an information security policy that has technological and behavioural mechanisms to ensure its compliance.

Metalock Brasil will always prioritize a culture of ethics and integrity, based on its Code of Ethics and compliance with current legislation and anti-corruption laws.

If there is a violation of any of these rules, regardless of the author, the Company will always endeavour to take immediate action, thus not allowing damage to the image of Metalock Brasil, its employees and society as a whole.

To report a violation of the Code of Ethics, the reporting channel is available on the website www.metalock.com.br.