Metalock on full throttle

Metalock on full throttle

Metalock Brasil doesn’t stop and continues working to attend all services in a safe manner, maintaining its One-Stop-Shop policy.

Metalock Brasil attended over 40 ships in the past month after the COVID-19 lockdown began, including the following services:

– 16 Regulatory Inspections of Lifeboats, Davits and Release Gear

– 4 Regulatory Radio Inspections

– 5 APTs (Annual Performance Test) of VDRs (Voyage Data Recorders)

– 4 Fire Fighting Equipment Inspections

– 4 Welding and Platework repairs

– 3 Diesel Engine repairs

– 3 Propulsion shaft sealing systems (SIMPLEX)

– 1 Bearing rebabbitting

– 1 in-situ machining job

Further, Metalock Brasil’s services to industry continued at a hectic pace, attending 16 industries in the paper & cellulose, fertilizer, auto-parts and port terminal segments, for:

– Rewinding of 20 electric motors

– 4 On-site machining jobs

– 3 Welding jobs

– 1 Cargo Pump reconditioning

– 4 Metalock® stitching jobs

Metalock Brasil’s teams are ready to attend the most diverse specialist services, as evidenced above, adopting all the protocol safety measures and procedures issued by the authorities.