Metalock Brasil assists the Brazilian Navy

Metalock Brasil technicians were called in to perform on-site machining services on the Bergen KGVB-16 engine block on a Submarine Rescue Vessel, incorporated into the Brazilian Navy since 1988. The vessel, which is equipped to perform rescue work for damaged submarines and to provide support for deep-sea diving activities, was berthed at the Rio de Janeiro Naval Base (BNRJ).

To perform the machining of the upper and lower cylinder liner seat, Metalock Brasil technicians made a dimensional assessment of the area to prepare the machining equipment in-situ.

After preparing the field machining equipment and loading it on board, the machine and device were aligned on the block, proceeding with the machining of the liner landing seats.

The repair proceeded with machining of all 16 lower liner landing seats to 313.00mm diameter. Metalock manufactured GG50 Cast Iron Rings, mounted on site by interference (press fit), fixed with chemical and mechanical locking. Afterwards, the rings were machined internally and polished to achieve the necessary surface finish, all with a final interned diameter of 295.00mm.

The next step consisted of boring the engine block main bearing pockets. The technicians removed the main engine bearing caps and transported them to the Metalock Rio de Janeiro workshop, where they proceeded with Liquid Penetrant Tests to check for possible cracks and adjustment of the sides. The bearings were transported back aboard, assembled and tightened to the recommended manufacturer`s torque setting. The boring equipment was then assembled and aligned in the block, boring all bearing housings to their original diameter of 218.00mm, as recommended by the manufacturer and within tolerances.

Upon completion of the work, the vessel was able to continue with its submarine diving and rescue support services for the Brazilian Navy.