Metalock Brasil called in for Power Generator Engine Repair

A thermo-electric power plant from Ceará state contacted Metalock Brasil to inspect damage of a Wärtsilä engine block, model W20 V46, and evaluate the possibility of repair. The damage was in the region of cylinder number 5, as a result of the engine having seized, consisting of cracks, clean breaks and deformations in seven different areas. Since the block is of cast iron, the most effective repair solution found was its Lloyds approved Metalock® cold stitching repair. Metalock Brasil submitted a technical proposal with a repair project and, after the client’s approval of same, proceeded with the Metalock repair. The technicians then performed in-situ machining, with a specific designated machine, of the liner guides landing seats.

Upon completion of the service the engine was tested, gradually increasing the load until full load was reached, to full customer satisfaction.