Metalock Brasil carries out in-situ machining job

A customer in Minas Gerais requested Metalock Brasil’s on-site services regarding their heat exchanger sealing faces.

Preliminary inspection was done on-site at the industrial unit for a more accurate assessment of the areas to be machined.

The equipment was then prepared, together with the manufacture of special adaptive devices, at Metalock Brasil’s main workshop in Santos.

Returning to Minas Gerais, the technicians proceeded to mount the in-situ machining equipment on the upper face of the heat exchanger’s surfaces, which had been built up by welding by the client. The centering of the machining device was made by using the best four points of the plate`s surface as a reference point. The machining was then carried out, removing 2mm of material.

The same work was performed on the underside of the surface, thus completing the machining of the sealing areas on the upper and lower heat exchanger surfaces, duly aligned by the technicians.

The machining of the upper and lower sealing areas of the heat exchanger was completed keeping within the specified measurements of the drawings sent by the customer, resulting in an inner diameter of 1090mm, an outer diameter of 1128mm and a surface finish of 125rms.