Metalock Brasil repairs Anchor Handling Vessel’s Main Engine

In June 2020 Metalock Brasil attended an Anchor Handling platform supply vessel in Guanabara Bay to repair one of its two Bergen main engines, model No. B32/40L9 – the crankpin of cylinder No. 4 was damaged.

Inspection on board by Metalock Brasil’s specialist in-situ machining technicians revealed that the crankshaft’s No. 4 crankpin had white metal melted onto its entire surface, as a result of overheating.

In preparation for the repair, the technicians performed a hardness test, dimensional assessment of the crankpin, Magnetic Particle Inspection to determine the presence of cracks and a Run-Out Alignment test to check for the straightness of the crankshaft. The hardness test revealed excessive hardness, requiring stress relieving heat treatment, a specialist process effected by a partner of Metalock Brasil.

Upon completion of the heat treatment, with successful results, Metalock Brasil machined and polished No. 4 crankpin, removing 1mm in diameter, leaving it within the maker’s dimensional tolerance (0.03mm) and surface roughness (0.02 Ra) . Subsequently, polishing was performed on main journals numbers three and four.

After assembly of the engine by the crew the engine was tested during a sea trial to the Owner’s satisfaction.

Metalock Basil provided a turnkey solution start to finish for this repair.