Metalock Brasil carries out emergency repairs on vessel in the Port of Itaguaí, Rio de Janeiro

Metalock Brasil is called out to repair vessel`s motor in the Port of Itaguaí, Rio de Janeiro. Arriving at the site, Metalock Brasil technicians were informed by the vessel`s chief engineer that the main engine starter motor was not working.

The vessel`s main engine, an MAN B&W STX 7S50MC-C, which has an electro-pneumatic starter circuit, had problems with the pneumatic valves.

After the repair of the control and drive valves, tests were performed and a further problem was detected in the diesel injection system – injection pumps and injectors.

In order to complete the repair, it was necessary for the Metalock Brasil technicians to repair the parts that were on the vessel. However, they recommended the purchase of spare parts for these pumps and injectors, as injection systems need frequent maintenance and extra spare parts are essential.

After the repair, the main engine was tested and the ship was fit to berth, and resume her voyage.