Metalock Brasil carries out In-Situ Machining for a Large Marine Engineering Company in Rio de Janeiro

An international marine engineering and manufacturing company, specialized in the development of advanced marine technology, called on Metalock Brasil to repair a gearbox plate and locking surface of the pulley shaft, by in-situ machining.

The in-situ machining of the sealing surfaces of the gearbox plate was carried out by specialist technicians from Metalock Brasil. First they machined the surfaces of the gearbox plate in order to remove the corroded parts, being necessary to machine the sealing channel to maintain a uniform depth. After the machining was completed, accurate sizing verifications were carried out, all measurements and tolerances being maintained according to the manufacturer’s drawings.

For the machining of the pulley shaft locking ring surface, it was necessary to machine the pulley sealing surface, maintaining the original measurement and tolerance, according to the revised drawing provided by the client.

All services were completed and considered satisfactory by the client

Metalock Brasil performs in-situ machining services with quality and speed.

For more information, access the site: www.metalock.com.br