Metalock Brasil Achieves Success in Gyrocompass Servicing

Demonstrating a strong commercial performance, Metalock Brasil, representative of YDK Technologies (formerly Yokogawa), sold and replaced seventeen gyrospheres of gyrocompass models CMZ900 and CMZ700, during 2019 and 2020.

During the annual servicing of various ships’ gyrocompasses, it became clear to Metalock Brasil that some vessels required an immediate exchange of the gyrocompass’ gyrospheres – a fundamental component for the proper functioning of a vessel’s steering system. Therefore Metalock Brasil decided to maintain a stock of this component in order to promptly carry out replacements, whenever required.

Since 2018 Metalock Brasil has been investing heavily in the national marine electronics market, establishing itself as one of the principal players. The company’s objective is to continue to set the Metalock Brasil brand as the benchmark in Marine, Offshore and Industrial Repair and Maintenance services.