Metalock Brasil Carries Out In-Situ Machining on a Pipe Laying Vessel

Metalock Brasil was asked to repair a pipe layer’s TLS (Tiltable Lay System) tower’s service crane, 25 ton capacity.

When carrying out an inspection on the service crane on board the ship, anchored at the Naval Base in Rio de Janeiro, Metalock Brasil’s technical experts identified the wear in the sheave groove, which needed to be machined.

After dismantling the chain box and the sight glass by the crew, special line boring equipment was assembled on the side of the winch and aligned. In-situ machining was then carried out on the damaged groove by Metalock Brasil’s professionals, according to the manufacturer’s technical specifications (alignment, dimensional tolerances and surface finish), as defined on the drawings supplied.

This repair ensured safe operation of the TLS tower service crane and consequently of the TLS system itself, the ship’s principal equipment, used to lay pipes on the seabed.