Metalock Brasil renews Cargo Crane Slewing Bearing

Metalock Brasil was called by a Norwegian shipowner with the purpose of jointly studying a technical engineering solution to replace the slewing bearing of a 36 ton SWL (Safe Working Load) deck cargo crane on its specialist cargo vessel.
The greatest difficulty in carrying out this work was the removal of the bearing, which was located below the moving column of the crane, weighing 12 tons, adjacent to the crane’s boom.
Metalock Brasil was contracted to disassemble the crane column and boom, as well as to prepare a rigging plan to lift the 12 ton column, using two shore cranes operating in tandem and, thus, balancing the load suspended in mid air.
After disassembly, the column and boom assembly was placed on the hatch cover adjacent to the crane under maintenance, on a cradle manufactured by Metalock Brasil, to keep the column and boom secured, whilst the slewing bearing was replaced, under the supervision of the crane manufacturer.
The crane underwent a load test of 41 tons (36t SWL + 5t), using a water bag and load cell, to certify the operation and capacity of the repaired crane.
The service was successfully completed within the time frame set by the shipowner.