Metalock Brasil Repairs Shaft and Manufactures a Coupling for Submarine in Rio de Janeiro

Metalock Brasil technicians performed a dimensional survey of groove depths, following damage caused by decoupling of shaft flange. After due analysis, they decided to machine the conical shaft its final diameter, complying with the norm of not changing its generator line.

They followed the normal procedures for field machining, including the manufacture of a device to enable the rotation of the generator shaft while machining.

The machining equipment was mounted on the side of the shaft and alignment was started using the shaft itself as a centering reference. This was followed by the correction of the defective conical shaft, complying with the roughness standard ABNT ISO 4287, mounting of the portable milling cutter and repair of the oil circulation channels in the coupling mounting area. All procedures complied with the ANSI/AGMA 9112-B15 and ANSI/AGMA 9103-B08 standards.

Metalock Brasil professionals fabricated and supplied a new SKF standard coupling flange, using forged SAE 1050 steel, with 80/85 Hrb hardness, with dimensions according to the new shaft extremity measurements. The procedure also complied with the roughness values and tolerances of the ABNT ISO 4287, ANSI/AGMA 9112-B15 and ANSI/AGMA 9103-B08, standards.

The repair continued with the manufacture of a new coupling flange, tapered oil channel correction, and on board lapping in adjustment to verify surface roughness (Ra) percentage.

After mounting the shaft coupling, the service was completed and approved by the vessel`s engineer.