Metalock Brasil Repairs Ship Unloader

Metalock Brasil was requested to carry out repairs on a clamshell grab ship unloader. This type of equipment is designed to unload vessels of various sizes, at the same terminal.

The repair started with the complete disassembly of the equipment, removal of the two hydraulic pistons, the four piston articulation pins, the two tensioners, the four tensioner articulation pins and the four main articulation pins of the two shells.

After the disassembly was completed, Metalock Brasil technicians began to carry out an inspection of all articulation pins and bearing bushings.

During the course of the work, Metalock Brasil manufactured new bushings and pins, as they presented excessive wear.

To facilitate and provide a perfect fit in the mounting of the bushings, Metalock Brasil professionals used dry ice. In sequence, they carried out the assembly of the articulation pins and all the components that had been previously disassembled at the start of the repair.

At the end of the service, the team carried out tests to ensure perfect functioning of the clam grab.

Metalock Brasil is always ready 24/07 to respond to calls for repair and maintenance services, for both marine and industrial equipment at the shortest notice.