Metalock Brasil Repairs Propulsion Shaft Bearing for Container Vessel

Metalock Brasil’s technicians attended a container vessel to carry out disassembly and inspection of the lower half of the propulsion shaft bearing.

The bearing’s white metal surface was found with scratches as a result of scraping on the propulsion shaft, thus necessary to bring the bearing ashore to Metalock Brasil’s workshop in Santos for repairs, consequently the bearing was removed.

At the workshop, Metalock Brasil’s specialist technicians removed the excess white metal resultant from the scraping and dressed the surface to achieve the required finish. The bearing was then packed and transported back to the vessel.

Back on board, the Metalock Brasil team assembled the bearing and checked the clearances in the forward, aft, port and starboard positions. They also performed a magnetic particle test on the propulsion shaft – no cracks were identified – a hardness test and a Blue Fit Test.

After checking the load on the bearing followed by closing and torquing of the upper bearing cover, the service was concluded.