Metalock Brasil Repairs Vessel`s Engine Room Monorail

Metalock Brasil was contracted to service a ship’s engine room crane monorail, which was in poor condition and bent.

Metalock Brasil’s specialized technicians disassembled the main carriage from the monorail in order to inspect the rollers, bearings, pins and spacers. Heavy corrosion was found on the spacers and the roller bearings were in a bad condition.

For the repair, it was necessary to overhaul the mechanical items of the equipment and replace the bearings, in addition to cutting part of the main beam – in the distorted region – in such a manner that it would not weaken the beam. A complete cut was made, the beam was then aligned on a bench using hydraulic equipment, repositioned and rewelded with full penetration welds on both sides. The joint of the beams was strengthened by welding a doubler plate over the region.

After realigning the damaged beam and welding same, it was pre-assembled for inspection by the ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) surveyor. Non Destructive Tests (Ultrasound and Dye Penetrant) were conducted successfully and the repair was approved by the ABS surveyor.

The technicians carried out the assembly of the mechanical parts, painted the monorail, installed on board and load tested, proving the perfect working condition of the equipment.