Metalock Brasil Repairs Vessel`s Engine

Metalock Brasil was called out to change the crankshaft on an Auxiliary Engine, Daihatsu 6DC-17A, on a bulk carrier at Santos anchorage.

Metalock Brasil’s specialist technicians completely stripped down the auxiliary engine for removal and replacement of the crankshaft. They removed the cylinder head, pistons, liners, upper part of the block and camshaft.

Metalock Brasil’s professionals disassembled the crankshaft from the block and prepared for the installation of the new crankshaft.

The new crankshaft was assembled, and all tolerance checks suggested by the manufacturer were carried out.

After assembling the engine and carrying out all operational tests in accordance with the standard set procedures, in the presence of the Classification Society surveyor and Insurance Company inspector, the engine was found to be fully operational at full load, meeting and complying with the expected satisfaction for the service performed.