Equipment Repair using the Metalock® Cold Stitching Process

Metalock Brasil used their Metalock® cold stitching process for the repair of equipment for an important company specialized in copper alloy solutions, with over 50 years of tradition in the market.

The customer needed to repair the gearbox cover and drive gear, both from the column band saw.

The cover of the gearbox was damaged on its side in way of five of its fixing holes. Metalock Brasil’s technicians cropped the surrounding area of the damaged region and manufactured a replacement metal piece, which was adjusted, modelled and fixed by means of the Metalock® cold process. Masterlock® reinforcements and Metalace® 5mm screws were used for the work. To complete the job, our technicians machined the cover face and re-drilled the fixing holes.
The drive gear wheel had six cracks, located around its hub. These were also repaired by using the Metalock® cold stitching process, using six Masterlock® reinforcements and Metalace® screws for securing.
The repair was performed using the Metalock® cold stitching process, used to repair cast iron and cast steel parts and provided total customer satisfaction.