Submersible Pump Repair

Metalock Brasil was called to repair a submersible pump, from a petrochemical storage company operating in the Industrial Storage Complex in Santos port.

After cleaning, disassembling and examining the pump, wear was identified on the bronze bushing, this bushing functions as a bearing for the main pump shaft, resulting in the need to manufacture a new one. Metalock Brasil technicians fabricated a new bronze bushing, maintaining the tolerance as specified by the equipment manufacturer.

At the base of the electric motor and the pump upper bearing it was identified that the bearing seating was also worn and needed bushing, which was carried out, leaving a final diameter of Ø72.02mm.

Metalock technicians also identified a warp defect on the pump’s output shaft that would cause future equipment problems, so a new shaft was made up.

Metalock Brasil technicians repaired the broken pump protection grid and made up a new coupling.

After the necessary repairs, the pump was assembled and painted, and delivered back to the client, fully repaired.