Diesel Engines and Turbines

Main engine general maintenance (2 and 4 stroke)

Auxiliary engine general maintenance

Turbine general maintenance

Component reconditioning :

– Cylinder covers

– Cylinder liners

– Piston crowns

– Piston skirts

– Exhaust valve spindles, seats and guides

– Cross bearing shafts

– Connecting rods

– Fuel injection equipment (valves, injectors, fuel pumps)

Regulagem da bomba injetora;

Repair and renewal of high pressure fuel pumps

Renewal of broken Studs

Bearing rebabbiting with white metal.

Crank shaft rectifying in the workshop.

Chocking of equipment (epocast resin or Vvbracon chocks)

• Engine governor maintenance. 


Authorized Technical Services for : 

Hyundai – HiMSEN Engine

Kobe Diesel

Mitsubishi – UE Engines – MET Turbochargers


Yanmar – Large Marine Engine.


Factory trained Engineers and Maintenance Technicians for : 

MAN Diesel