On-Site Field Machining executed by Metalock Brasil on Industrial Printer

Metalock Brasil provided on-site machining services for an important manufacturer, located in Ceara, Brazil, in the global market for machinery used in the production of cardboard, corrugated cardboard and flexible packaging.

Using special portable on-site boring equipment, Metalock Brasil’s specialized technicians machined the two damaged lateral housings of the industrial printer, each diameter 28mm and 17mm wide. The special portable machine was set up, aligned, using three existing points as reference, and secured. The housings were then bored oversize to diameter 34mm, tolerance M6. Meanwhile bushes were fabricated in SAE 1045 steel according to the supplied drawing, with internal diameter 28mm, tolerance H7 and superficial finish 0.8Ra. After the boring was concluded the bushes were mounted and secured.

Metalock Brasil has workshops and machining structure for the maintenance and repair of industrial parts and equipment, always operated by highly qualified professionals and with a high level of quality control.