Are you aware of what Metalock does?

Metalock Brasil specializes in Maintenance Engineering solutions for different needs.

Corrective Maintenance applies to situations that have already happened: a part maybe cracked, a surface is deformed, a pipe leaks etc.? The cracked part can be repaired, the deformed surface machined and the leaking pipe sealed.

Preventive Maintenance, on the other hand, seeks to avoid the occurrence of problematic situations. Changing oil to avoid overheating and replacing bearings to avoid irregular wear are possibilities for this type of work.

With Predictive Maintenance, the specialist can recommend and implement measures that prevent the appearance of conditions conducive to the occurrence of problems. We can cite, as an example, predictive Thermography tests, used to locate points in electrical installations susceptible to abnormal over-heating. This service that can prevent premature burning or critical equipment failures.

Thanks to the technical competence of its team of professionals, Metalock Brasil has quality assurance accreditation in all types of Maintenance, whether Corrective, Preventive or Predictive, in the Industrial, Maritime and Offshore areas.