In Situ Machining

In Situ Machining is a process to repair or reconstruct paper machines, steam turbines, compressors, pumps, presses, petrochemical process reactors, marine and industrial diesel engines, welded or flanged piping systems on site. This process is completed by other such as non-destructive testing, optical or laser alignment and analysis, welding and thermal treatment.


The expression and the technique “In Situ Machining” is used generically and can be anything between a simple 1” tube chamfer that takes five minutes to the rectifying of a three meter diameter sealing surface of a reactor that takes three days.


Machining on site is to mill, turn. cut, drill, grind, rectify, lap or ream at the equipment location.


Process Advantages :

1 – Minimum down-time.

2 – Equipment transport and logistics not necessary.

3 – Specialized trained labor for these procedures.

4 – Significant financial economy.